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HS Cogent Plus (Gallon|Quart)


Cogent Plus
Gallon | Quart

Cogent coating offers porcelain coatings to professional bathtub and tile re-finishers. These surface coatings provide durability and new life to the bathtubs and tiles you service.

The resins used in our porcelain coatings are among the best and most reliable in the coatings industry.

As bathtub surface coatings manufacturers we have the best interest of the porcelain coatings applicators (AKA) bath tub and tile re-finishers at heart. With 19 + years in the bathtub re-glazing industry, we know what is needed to provide the customers You service with the best resins and coatings available on the market today. As you know porcelain on bathtubs and tiles are designed to not allow anything to stick or penetrate, Therefore our surface coatings have the tough job of sticking to a surface that is not permitting adhesion.

Our research has led us to develop the perfect resin, surface coatings and bonding agents to conquer these obstacles with ease and confidence, Furthermore; we believe that as your supplier of porcelain coatings and resins you should not have to worry about the quality of the resin you are applying leave that to us. No coating will leave our manufacturing facility without testing. in addition we spray out multiple bathtubs before one drop of resin gets bottled for sale. This ensures that you are getting a well tested and proven porcelain coating this is the way you can offer a 5,8 or even a 10 year warranty with confidence. If you have any questions about Cogent Coatings and the many resins and porcelain coatings we offer feel free to search our website. We are sure that you are bound to find a surface coating that is ideal for your porcelain coatings bathtub refinishing business. Keep in mind that these resins are designed to meet the challenges you face on a daily basis from cast iron, pressed steel and fiberglass units to floors and mica tops or anything in between.

We have the surface coating you need.