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Pheno Barrier primer is a two component 1:1 primer, mixed equal parts by volume, which has superior adhesion.
Pheno primer is solvent, chemical, saltwater and corrosion resistant. It establishes a hard, tight finish, that does not have to be immediately coated and produces remarkable adhesion with the Cogent Coatings resins. Pheno Barrier primer (AKA PBP, Pheno or Cold Primer) has excellent thermal stability and use as an intermediate primer over previously painted surfaces. It prevents the lifting of old paint when the new finish coat contains more aggressive solvents, which would normally melt the old finish, as long as the existing coat is adhering properly, such as previously coated bathtubs.
USES:     This product was designed for use when stripping of a bathtub is not desired. Also can be used for  Stainless Steel, Glass, Tin, Galvanized Metal, Steel, Nickel, Tie Coat, Zinc, Cloth, Copper, Metal Aluminum Tanks, Coated bathtubs.
FILM PROPERTIES:    Air Dry Time – 10 to 20 minutes, dry touch.
APPLICATION: The surface must be clean and dry. Remove dirt, grease, oil, wax, mildew, loose paint, rust and mill scale. Rusty metal surfaces should be sandblasted or treated with rust preventative before priming with Pheno Primer.
Mix Part A Part B and Reducer equal parts by volume. The 1:1:1 ratio assures a uniform mix when smaller quantities are required. The pot life after mixing is approximately 8 hours. Pheno Primer will look much the same after 8 hours but the adhesion factor is greatly reduced and the primer should not be used.
SPRAY APPLICATION:  Only Pheno Reducer should be used to thin the primer for spray application. Thin approximately 1 part or up to 1.5 parts by volume, depending on the spray equipment.
Apply at 400 square feet, per gallon, to obtain 1 mil dry film. Also, it may be applied by roller or brush. Pheno Primer may be applied to damp surfaces but should not be applied to wet surfaces or in the rain.
Thinning: Thin only with Pheno Reducer
CLEANUP: MEK, can be used to clean up equipment. Clean equipment immediately after use.



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Cogent coatings Pheno eco primer is an innovative safe alternative to methylene chloride. due to recent regulation, the EPA has been limiting the use of methylene chloride for use with bathtub refinishing due to several deaths caused by the products containing it. therefore, they are looking to ban the chemical altogether along with other effective stripping agents. Leaving bathtub refinishers with no way to complete the job effectively.

The reason bathtub refinishers use products containing methylene chloride is because until now it was the only way to do a reservice on a previously refinished bathtub.

Bathtub refinishing resins and additives are considered “HOT”. This means that when the resins and additives are applied over previously refinished surfaces the tend to pucker or wrinkle the old glaze. When Strippers are use, it eliminates that issue but creates a dangerously deadly environment for the person using it.

Cogent coatings have developed a “COLD” primer that eliminates the need for stripping by creating a barrier between the refinished coating and the new HOT coating. Pheno eliminates any tendency to pucker or wrinkle when used properly.

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