Bathtub Refinishing Instructors

Cogent Coatings Team

My name is Kris Estrada. I started refinishing bathtubs in 1996. Over those years I came to realize that the bathtub refinishing industry was lacking in the tools and techniques that would make the job easier and safer to do. And I got to dreaming about how good it would be to have a supplier to not only stand by the products they sold, but also be there 100% for the customers that purchase material from him. I said to myself, “Someday, someone will wake up and do this the way I want.” Then, I woke up. I realized that no one was going to do this the way I thought it should be done, so I started to do it myself. I began research to find chemical manufacturers that would agree to do things my way. And after much trial and error, I have come up with a formula that does it all. I took the best of all the products that I came across over the past 15 years, had them analyzed and compiled a bathtub refinishing system and training program that will make the difference. I have implemented these products and techniques in my own refinishing business and have had much success. I have been able to raise my production and my profit significantly over the past few years.

I invite you to share in my success, learn the techniques, and use the product line that we have developed. You can see for yourself how easily money can be made with bathtub refinishing.

With our Class,You will learn step by step instruction on how to refinish various types of tubs that you will come across on the job. You will also learn about our product and receive step by step hands on training for bathtub refinishing. All in a 2-3 week course . We work at your pace and ensure that you understand and can preform as well as a Pro. Call us for a list of included supplies that you will receive if you decide to purchase our training course, course. As a bonus, I will be including a Business launch, A step by step method meant to help you increase you customer list and ensure successes.

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