Tile Refinishing

Tile Refinishing - Cogent Coatings

Tile Refinishing – Cogent Coatings

Reglazing Tile

Tile refinishing is the process by which an experienced bathtub and tile refinisher (preferably trained by Tubklass/cogent) brings new life to by properly preparing and Appling specialized Cogent Coatings formulations and chemicals

These chemicals are specifically designed to bond permanently to bathtubs tiles and fiberglass/acrylic surrounds. With proper training and experience you can offer your customers a viable alternative to a full gutting of the bathroom

Cogent Coatings will provide you with what is expected from the customer. Such as smooth HI gloss durable sanitary easily cleanable surface.

When you provide service with the cogent coatings product line you can rest assured that you have a happy customer. And a good reputation

Preparing tile with cogent coatings tub and tile acidic cleaner is a breeze. Just fill a qt cup with 8 oz of cleaner to 24 ounces of water. And you ready to clean and etch your tile substrate. In about 3 minutes you’re tile will be ready to go

A good wipe down with acetone is always recommended to ensure that all of the surface is dry

Masking is a crucial part of the refinishing process. If you don’t take your time with this step you can be sure to have a frowning customer

Next you are ready to apply our panted Glo Ck bonding agent just wipe the surface with acetone and then spray two coats of this powerful yet easy to use bonding agent. Once done it is strongly recommended that you check the coverage with our Glow Ck light this will ensure proper coverage and eliminate callbacks due to adhesion.

Now the final step mix the coatings to the recommended ratios and spray 3-4 coats you will notice the super-fast tack time and the super glossiness of this engineered coating. This coating was developed with re-finishers in mind we know time is money so we incorporated a fast dry time so that you can tear down and caulk in just 5 minutes you can even use a wet sponge on the caulk line to clean it up. How’s that for fast…

Hard to believe try it for yourself contact us and get some to try for yourself…