Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub Reglazing

Bathtub Refinishing also known as Bathtub Painting, Bathtub Reglazing, Bathtub Resurfacing, is a process where a professional skilled coating applicator services a bathtub to give it an extended life without having to replace it, with a new tub.

This Bathtub Reglazing Process generally takes 2-4 hours to complete. Although it is a generally simple process. Much care should be taken if the Bathtub refinish process is to be handled by a non Pro. It must be understood that Quality Materials can only be truly obtained by seasoned certified Bathtub resurfacing Pro. Such as the ones Certified by Tub These Cogent Coatings Bathtub Reglazers will have a thorough understanding of the Bathtub Refinishing Process from start to finish. You can find many D.I.Y. Bathtub Refinishing kits at your local Big Box Home Centers. But please consider that the Bathtub paint you can get at such locations are meant for the general public.

These type of Bathtub paint is not design to give a long life to the application. It is developed so that the general consumer (AKA) (John Q Public) can use not all of the DIY BTRK Products that are necessary are included with such BTR Kits Therefore it is advised that you seek out an experienced Bathtub Refinisher that will give your bathtub the correct reglazing treatment that will provide you with a long lasting and durable reglazed finish such as the ones —– at Cogent Coatings.

In addition, Bathtub Reglazing should be done with proper HLVP type of equipment H.V.L.P stands for (Hi Volume Low Pressure). This is ideal for the situation that you find yourself in situation that you find yourself in. When refinishing a bathtub. It creates less over spray bathtub such as fine finish to the bathtub such as the ones needed for a properly refinished bathtub. DIY BTR Kits that require you to use a paintbrush or a roller should be avoided. They are just a waste of money and you will just have to call a Pro and pay extra so that he can remove the coatings you just applied and refinish your Bathtub properly.

Brief Overview of How to Refinish a Bathtub:

  1. Set up fume exhauster (1st on, last off)
  2. Cover the bathroom floor with a drop cloth or builder’s paper.
  3. Remove caulking from around the tub and in the corners with a razorblade or a 5in 1 tool. If silicone caulk has been used, you will need to wipe the area with alcohol after removing the caulk. This will remove the film that was left by the silicone caulk.
  4. Remove overflow when possible. If not then mask. If removed place overflow between sink and toilet.
  5. Scrape the tub with a razor blade to remove any debris stuck to the surface.
  6. Wash the tub with TUB KLASS ACID TUB WASH. Rinse well with warm water.
  7. Dry tub with paper towels or a heat gun.
  8. Wash tub with acetone. Wipe with paper towel.
  9. Repair chips with putty.
  10. Mask the tub using a hand masker. Start on the right hand corner closest to you and continue around tub to other end. This will make it easier to remove. Use 1-in. tape to hold top of paper in place. Small pieces 1½-inches long will do the trick.
  11. Place a baggie on the tub spout and shower head.
  12. Mask the drain and trim with razor blade.
  13. Mask the faucet.
  14. The putty should be dry by now. If not use a heat gun to speed it up. Sand with 80 grit paper.
  15. Wipe out tub with acetone.
  16. Finish masking by covering everything that you don’t want to buy. Counter, toilet, all towel bars, and soap dish, etc….
  17. Wipe tub with a tack cloth. Don’t press hard.
  18. Wipe tub with 2 light coats (6 oz of Glow Check 3 oz per pass)
  19. Let glo ck dry 10-min minimum.
  20. Mix resin according to label.
  21. Spray a light coat (tack coat) on the tub. Use a tack cloth between each coat. Allow to dry for 3-min.
  22. second coat allow to dry 3-min.
  23. Spray third coat.
  24. A fourth and fifth coat may be applied as needed.
  25. Tear down paper using an upward motion.
  26. Replace caulking.
  27. Clean up.